When it comes to selling a home, every situation is different. Some people have the time and money to spruce the home up while others don't. Some want to move more quickly than others. Whatever the situation, there are 3 questions a homeowner should be able to answer clearly. Why do you want to move? What is your timeframe to be out of your current home? What woud it mean to you if your home did not sell? These questions are important because you should have strong, compellling reasons to move. Moving can be very stressful but if you utilize the following 5 steps, you'll likely have a very successful outcome.

1. Identify the correct listing price. This is often the most challenging part of the home sale process. Price it too high, nobody will buy it (and no appraiser will appraise it), price it too low and you may end up leaving a few thousand dollars on the table, and I don't know anyone that wants to do that. There really are so many benefits to correct pricing. Realtors will be excited to show it, Buyers will be excited to see it, You'll likely get an offer quickly from a smart buyer who has been looking at homes for months and immediately recognizes the value of your home. You will be in a stronger position to negotiate favorable terms such as price. settlement date, down money, inspections etc... Although it's important to know what similar homes are asking, it's more important to know what similar homes have recently sold for. Sold data is often available online, but if you interview 2 or 3 Realtors you will likely get more accurate data including weather or not any sales included a seller assist.


2. Take advantage of the Multiple Listing Service - MLS. As a homeowner you may think the MLS is not needed anymore since you can find homes for sale on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com etc... But the MLS is more than just a site to promote homes for sale. It actually serves as a legal contract between brokers regarding compensation. Agents can not only see what homes other brokers are selling but they also see how much commission they will receive to sell those homes. Buyers like working with agents and agents look primarily in the MLS for homes because they know they will get paid to sell homes that are in the MLS. 


3. Have your home pristine for all showings. So you've spent alot of time getting your home ready to sell, establishing a competitive list price and interviewing agents, all for one reason. To get serious buyers to make an appointment to walk around your house and decide if they want to make an offer. Don't drop the ball on this critical aspect of the process. I know it can be a pain to always have the house perfect for showings, but believe me it can be the difference between selling and not selling.


4. Accomodate all showings. This is another one that can be difficult sometimes. There may be a request when you normally eat dinner or some other inconvenient time, but every showing is a potential sale. Don't pass on that opportunity or they may just go and buy another house.


5. Select the right agent. Again the best way may be to interview a few agents. One important note is knowing the agent does not - can not - determine the price your home will sell for. A buyer and bank appraiser will do that. You and your agent will agree on a list price based on the factual data provided. Although an agent cannot determine the sale price, they can make a difference in what you pay in commission. With my office, Assist 2 Sell Buyers and Sellers Advantage Real Estate, we promote your home on dozens of leading websites, including Premium Placement on Zillow, handle all showing requests, present any offers to you, negotiate on your behalf, supervise the settlement process and attend closing. All for the low fee of $2,995. If an MLS agent brings a buyer there will be an additional commission to them (usually 2.5-3%). Either way the savings can be huge. 

With Assist 2 Sell you get Full Service, Full Marketing and a Flat Fee commission that can save you thousands at settlement. If you are interested, call Dan Falco, Broker/Owner at (215) 804-7140.


Savings based on a comparison to paying 6% commission. Commissions may be negotiable and are not set by law.